So. I myself can’t believe that I just created a blog…… I don’t know, honestly, I’ve wanted to create a blog for so long but I just never got the chance (or guts?) to do it. At first I was so sure I wanted to create a blog where I take pictures of window displays and comment on them.. how analytical. I’d always say to myself, “Ok, I’ll make a blog next year/season/autumnwinter/springsummer/…” and so on.

Long story short, I never have the chance/guts to create one. There was never a good time – you know, uni and work stuff. I’d rather spend my spare time watching tv series, movies, or surfing on the internet until my laptop gets too hot and die (yep, seriously). Not that I want to religiously blog now, I just want to make one so that whenever I feel like writing I can use this blog. I’m gonna use this excuse for now: “9/9/9 only happens once so why not do something different/that-I-haven’t-done?”

So here goes. Lipstick & Zines! My selfish blog, where I can post whatever I want… Lipstick and magazines are my impulse purchases. You get the idea.. this is an implusive blog.


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