Selfridges Quickie


Today I really felt like one of those interns in the movies where I had to make coffee (and I unashamedly asked my boss how to make one), pick up dry cleaning, go to the post office and become a courier. But I actually enjoyed it as the time went pretty fast today.

I’m currently an intern at this sales & PR agency located in Old Street. Not much to tell, really. I did many ‘research’ there and creating this blog is probably the result of that too-much-time-spent-googling-on-fashion. I was the only intern to show up at work today as the other 2 had their reasons. So maybe that’s why I feel like running everyone’s errand….. But guess what, it’s not that bad! Because I got the chance to go to Selfridges. And its head office as well (just the reception =p) which looks really decent.

After handing a package to someone in Selfridges, I decided to quickly see what is this fuss about Selfridges’ 3rd Central… My trip to the 3rd Central was so quick I can’t even describe it to you except that it looks pretty amazing! I got a glimpse of Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang…. I’m going back there for sure, for a good one hour look (or two). Perhaps tomorrow?


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