I went to the fashion night out and all I got is……..

It’s funny how I made a sketch about meeting Christopher Kane in Dover Street Market….. It actually happened to me! Different scenario, though. So Fashion Night Out turned out to be a real bummer – for me at least. I finished work at 9 and the street wasn’t as festive as I expected. Sure American Apparel was opened until 11 PM with a wee bit of discounts, but I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping (by that, I meant I’m financially challanged :p) I expected there would be some drinks and canapes. But maybe because it was already 10 PM.

So I was walking from New Bond Street to Oxford Street, and outside Browns there were this crowd.. Those lanky Felder Felder ladies, Little Boots….and yours truly, Christopher Kane. I didn’t go ask him for pictures until my sister and friend told me to. I was too afraid. ‘Oh what the hell’ I thought, ‘if he doesn’t want to then whatever’…right? And he turned out to be super nice!! I think he was a bit embarrassed when I wanted to take a picture OF him, so he asked, ‘Do you want my friend to take a picture of US instead?’ HOW NICE! 🙂 I wish him all the best.


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