Let’s Play!

Let’s take a break from Fashion Week….. I just finished my internship today!! Say goodbye to 7-days-working-day. I just want to post something I found during my internship. It’s not related to any of the things I’ve posted so far, but since it’s my blog, I’m allowed to post whatever I want, right?


I found these on Etsy. I wanted to jump when I first saw these…


Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Isn’t it the best hard drive ever? God, I really miss those old games back in the SEGA, Super Nintendo and even Neo Geo era. I’ve never personally owned those video game consoles in my life, because my mom always caught me playing Street Fighter or Mortal Combat in my cousins’ house and she tought it was a horrid, uneducative game. Ah well, at least I still I had my CD-ROMSs to play with..

I vividly remember playing almost all the Barbie games out there. My first ever Barbie CD-ROM was Fashion Designer.


That was probably one of the strongest reasons why I wanted to be a designer back then when I was little. I eventually gave up because I know I don’t have the talent/ability to sew. I also loved how we can create a magazine as well there. I thought it was just the best. Game. Ever.

And then came Cool Looks…


It’s got even better graphics. Barbie had gone 3D here. And of course, more patterns, more themes, more models, you name it. I WANT TO PLAY!!!!

Oh, long before “designing”, I used to play/watch my cousin play this Barbie game called ‘Super Model’. I’ve been YouTube-ing (useless as always), and this still cracks me up!

I think I prefer playing games in pixels. It feels more gamer-like.


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