Franks You Very Much!

I remember when I was in my first year at uni, we were told about this bookshop with all the fashion magazines AND fashion books you can think of. I then made the trip to that place after my 3rd year enrolment yesterday. Shame on me. I should’ve been to this place 2 years ago…. I had always had my Borders on Oxford Street with Starbucks on the 3rd floor where I can flick through any magazines I want with a tall Vanilla Frappuccino. Now that Borders isn’t there anymore, I suddenly remembered about that magical place my lecturer mentioned.

It’s named R.D Franks. It is indeed the “specialist fashion bookstore”. You’ll find the rare fashion magazines from down under, to that book on your Fashion Management reading list that is no longer available in the campus library as everyone has reserved them long before you even scan through the reading list. It even has a head-turning window display…





It’s currently displaying GQStyle. What a great way to promote your magazines! Love the concept of the shop. I know I should’ve gone home with loads of new exciting magazines, but going home with Lula was more than a broke girl could ask for.

The carrier bag is another story. It reminds me of the bags they use back in my home country from tailors. Sweet!



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