blog. bleurgh!

no, i’m not a hater for blogs.. it’s just that i’m currently doing my dissertation and the topic is yours truly, BLOG. so now i’m at a point where i want to stop typing b-l-o-g. so the topic is brand blogging to be exact. if you’ve never heard of it…. neither have I. it’s this term i’m gonna propose in my work, about how brands have blogs in addition to their websites. look at topshop’s it’s the perfect example of a brand blog. it’s not just about products, it’s about lifestyle as well.

oh, i just realized, the last post was in 2009! my respect for bloggers just gone 2 levels up. i mean 3. the time, the effort (but every post seems effortless), the consistency… you know what, make it 10 levels up. perhaps i should continue this blog….maybe to reflect my work as well?


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