Lust List

I’ve never really been the It-Bag type of gal. But every girl does need a long-lasting, sturdy bag (read: designer bag). A Birkin bag? Not for me, thank you. Chanel 2.55? Maybe, someday. But my most-wanted bags are these;

1. Celine – The ever-so-simple small leather bag. This might be the new It-bag (god I hate the term), judging from the numerous pictures of people carrying them during the fashion week. I chose this picture because I love the color and how the girl carries it.

(Picture taken from Jak & Jil blog)

2. Givenchy Pandora bag – I simply love this. The first time I saw this bag was at Liberty. The shape is so unique. It’s like those two-handled tote bags, but you accidentally drop the other handle and just carry one of the handles (do you get what I mean?). Anyway, it’s black, it’s leather, it’s big enough to chuck all my stuff. Need I say more? I need this bag!


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