Golden Girls

The award season is here!! Last night, I watched the Golden Globe for the first time in London! Normally, I would only read the live comments through websites, but last night I found out this link that streamed the entire show. What I love about film awards, is of course, the fashions. I don’t think it’s about wearing the latest top designer (or in some cases, custom made) dresses, it’s about carrying the look that fits the actress..

My favorite look of the night is definitely Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander. I can’t imagine anyone else pulling off this skirt! The no-make up look works effectively here.

I also adore Emma Stone’s Calvin Klein dress. It’s the kind of dress that I’d personally wear, a backless simple cut dress. Some people say this look is really boring, but I find it edgy and chic. This is probably the first time I accepted her as a blonde…I guess it’s the dress color.


And… the incredibly sexy January Jones! I was really wowed by her, but I kept asking myself if I really like the dress. It’s very revealing, but I’ve made peace with it. I think she’s a great brand ambassador for Versace.


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