Oh, Elle!

If you’d like a round-up for ss11, Elle Collection is the answer. In the past, I never really see the point of getting these ‘collection’ magazines because you’ll always have style.com to browse through all the collection pictures. But last year, Elle Collection changed my mind. I was first drawn by the pantone-organized cover back in 2010. And the magazine turned out to be pretty amazing, as it features backstage photos as well as articles worth-reading. This year, the cover is even better! Jil Sander from the back. Just lovely.

Each page is a work of art, like the two-pages picture above – D&G set photographed by Anthea Simms. My favorite features from Elle Collection would have to be the ‘Invitations only’ and ‘Size matters’. I always bring my eyes 5cm close to the page, studying each fashion show invitations.

‘Size matters’ is also entertaining. You’ll find out how many goody bags there were (2,500) and how many Herems horsies present (8). At £7 a pop, you’ll appreciate print fashion magazine even more!

Images from Creative Review.


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