For I Have Sinned..

I was planning to try out this Lipstick Queen brand at Space NK, but thanks to the friendly sales assistants and great atmosphere, I ended up leaving the shop with these…

Lipstick Queen’s Red Sinner turned out to be great – so I just had to get it. I really like the concept of this brand Lipstick Queen, I first read about it on Vogue UK. There’s this ‘Saint & Sinner’ collection in which Saint is the sheer one, and Sinner is the matte one. Being a matte type of gal, I naturally went for Sinners. I’ve also been looking for a lip liner, and I didn’t know that there’s such thing as ‘Invisible Lip Liner’ so I bought it immediately. It’s perfect, you can basically wear it with any lipstick color.

I was also persuaded to get the NARS ‘Velvet Matte Lip Pencil’ in this orange-ish red color. I just love the idea of applying lipstick with this chunky pencil. The sales assistant told me that it lasts for hours, even if you eat. And she was right, I still had my red lips after a cup of matcha latte. Oh, unfortunately the lip pencil does not come with the ruler… but how else would you keep your pencil sharp?


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