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“What the hell is that?”/ “A dress.” / “Says who?” / “Calvin Klein” (Clueless, 1995)


Mademoiselle C

Holy c!!! Found this on Fashion Copious. And I’m thrilled.


The trailer looks a bit tacky in my opinion, reminds me of Project Runway songs. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Project Runway very much but how the show edited is just plain tacky. The conversation between Donatella and Carine at the end feels so scripted. Maybe this will just be a French version of September Issue, but Carine is my hero and I’m just excited to see her story.

Get Low

With the K-pop madness happening in Indonesia, I just remembered I came across this particular Korean brand called Low Classic last year on Stylebubble. I immediately fell in love with the pocket bag:


Revisiting the website, I feel very inspired by the looks. Some of them are from old seasons, but they’re so classic you won’t notice which season they belong to (at least I won’t)!



















Note to self: find this shop when I’m in Korea. I guess it’s true when people say great designs never go out of style!


It’s that time of the year again! Well, in London, we only get a few days of summer. So yes, it’s quite precious. I was going to post my summer wish list, and what better way to make a collage, than with Polyvore? Nothing! 🙂 (if there is, please do tell me)

I found the Uniqlo linen shirt I wanted, so I posted it. I’ve been looking for a black laced cropped top, and Polyvore suggested this Topshop Lace Crop. I’m pretty much flexible with the trousers, but who wouldn’t want these 3.1 Phillip Lim printed trousers? So there goes my dream summer outfit.

The 31 hour 3.1 Phillip Lim bag is another story. I’ve been lusting over this since beginning of this year, when it came in black/white and black/tan. It’s safe to say that, Phillip Lim has become one of my favorite brands now. The Isabel Marant necklace is also a darling I’ve been craving for. I found a similar necklace in a certain high street chain, but somehow I felt like I’d be cheating if I get it. The scarf is of course, optional. I think Ferragamo is very good at scarves, each of their print is like a story. When you wear them twisted on your neck, you get these beautiful glimpses of leopard and flowers. It’s almost like teasing, really.

So the only thing I actually own is the ever-so-useful-and-lovely, Clinique Chubby stick in Chunky Cherry. It’s sheer, moist, and I just love applying it. The sheer nail polish by American Apparel that I just found out about last week, is also intriguing. The blue mascara is inspired by a post from Into The Gloss (I’d probably look for a cheaper option in Boots).


They call it love

Dear Mr. Simons,

You’re the reason I keep following Jil Sander collection every season. ‘Simple’ is probably one of my favorite adjectives when it comes to dressing up. At Jil Sander, you managed to create some of the coolest, yet simple looks one could ever find. It broke my heart when I heard you leaving Jil Sander. Of course, Ms. Sander herself is a great designer. The brand, after all, is her lovechild. But I was too in love with YOUR designs, I did not know if I could ever say “Jil Sander is my favorite brand” again. Your move to Dior was rather shocking. Your name never really came up in all the speculations made of who is going to replace Galliano. Well, maybe it did, I just never came across it.

When I found out about the news, I was, of course, happy for you! Dior is huge! I respect Christian Dior for creating the “New Look”, but the whole monogrammed Lady Dior bag is just never my thing. I, too, was once mesmerized by John Galliano’s designs for the house. But all these Dior couture were very fantasy-like. I felt like they were made for the glossies and the museums. I thought it was a pretty smart move having you as the head creative director for Dior, as I feel the brand was quite tired. I told myself, “I’ll follow Raf Simons wherever he goes, even if it’s Dior…”. I trusted your aesthetics, I think you can take Dior to a new direction.

And along came the Christian Dior Fall 2012 couture. Your first debut at Dior! Yes, the show pretty much reminds me of your last collection at Jil Sander – the pink dress, the flowers, the make-up. But this is definitely my favorite Dior collection. It shows that couture doesn’t always have to be so extravagant. It can be so simple, but so beautifully crafted.

I am drowned in my couture dreams now, I feel that if I have the chance, I could wear all of those Christian Dior pieces you made. I just can’t wait to see your ready-to-wear collection in September now. I hope you’re loving your new job at Dior as much as I’m loving your first collection.



Preen SS12

It’s that time of the year again: fashion weeks. First up, New York. I’ve always been interested in Preen’s designs, but this season might be my favorite. The pastels had me at hello, the combination of checks and floral prints made me jump. I also love the little frilly details on the cuffs. This is what being pretty should be all about!

I wonder if Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton were inspired by those colorful screen tests you get on late night TV. Because it’s the first thing that came in to my mind!

Gotta Clutch ‘Em All!

First of all, please excuse my dorky Pokemon catchphrase reference. So here are some more pictures from the aw11 collections. I noticed there were plenty of bags being clutched. Yes, some of them are not necessarily clutch bags per se. Some of them are actually tote bags (even a doctor bag in the case of Celine). But they were all clutched. My favourite would be Stella McCartney’s circular bag. Tres chic!

(From top to bottom) Prada, Celine, Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney.

Hear Me Roar!

I find Givenchy aw11 collection really fun. Being a cat lover, I always love when designers use cat as reference – like Miu Miu ss10. Wait, look closer. It’s not a cat, it’s a panther! There’s a tacky-but-cool feel to it, with the panther and Versace-like prints.

Rumor has it Riccardo Tisci is one of the candidates to replace John Galliano at Dior. Good for Tisci, I guess? But I’d love to see Tisci to focus on Givenchy – the spring 2011 couture collection was mind blowing!