The holy book

I can’t remember the last time I got excited over a magazine. The last magazine I purchased was actually Vogue – and it was simply because I hadn’t read it for a while and Emma Stone was on the cover. It’s a bit…bland. Oh, I remember the days I subscribed to Bazaar and bought endless copies of Vogue. Then I started buying bi-annuals such as The Gentlewoman and Industrie (which I still always look for whenever I’m in Magma). Now we have another new comer, the brainchild of a not-so-new editor, THE CR FASHION BOOK.

It’s out this September. Now repeat after me, “I believe in Carine Roitfeld”

Serve yourself

Self Service magazine is one of those pretty magazines that is just too pretty to be a magazine. I always think that a good magazine is a good investment, because it can sometimes be seen as one of those artsy fartsy coffee table books. Have a peek at the new issue of Self Service magazine with Lara Stone on the cover. It’s probably 90/10 ratio of pictures and texts – not that I mind. Definitely a coffee-table material!


Oh, Elle!

If you’d like a round-up for ss11, Elle Collection is the answer. In the past, I never really see the point of getting these ‘collection’ magazines because you’ll always have to browse through all the collection pictures. But last year, Elle Collection changed my mind. I was first drawn by the pantone-organized cover back in 2010. And the magazine turned out to be pretty amazing, as it features backstage photos as well as articles worth-reading. This year, the cover is even better! Jil Sander from the back. Just lovely.

Each page is a work of art, like the two-pages picture above – D&G set photographed by Anthea Simms. My favorite features from Elle Collection would have to be the ‘Invitations only’ and ‘Size matters’. I always bring my eyes 5cm close to the page, studying each fashion show invitations.

‘Size matters’ is also entertaining. You’ll find out how many goody bags there were (2,500) and how many Herems horsies present (8). At £7 a pop, you’ll appreciate print fashion magazine even more!

Images from Creative Review.

Lovely Stam

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jessica Stam on a cover – or any fashion spread for that matter. Maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t been to a magazine shop in a looooong time. I think this would fit to my magazine collection, as I currently don’t have any Korean fashion magazine and I love Jessica Stam! She’s a pure beauty.

Best of 2010

And so we’re coming to the end of the year. Here is my 2010 highlights round-up!

1. Philo Fever

Yes, I am aware that this collection was out in 2009. But it was part of the spring 2010 collection. So, there. Phoebe Philo is a genius and we all know it. When I saw Zara’s window shop looked a lot like Celine collection and found a leather t-shirt on H&M, I knew that Phoebe Philo succeeded creating a ‘trend’ for the mass as well. Her collections in 2010 also proved that she’s no one trick pony. The spring 2011 collection is so different from the 2010, as it is injected with prints and more colors. I can’t wait what she’ll do next!

2. Best Lipstick Ever?

I have to say, my Pink Dusk Tom Ford lipstick is the best lipstick I’ve ever had. The packaging is elegant and the lipstick itself is so creamy! At £35, it may seem too much for a lipstick. But once you wear it, you know it’s worth it. It’s like, you’re giving yourself a little luxurious treat. On the lips.

3. Lanvin, not flowers!

Lanvin x H&M was my favorite designer/high street collaboration (so far). I queued for about 2 good hours and got what I wanted (except the purple lipstick!). I love the packaging as well. The dresses come with hangers and cute coat bag, and we also got canvas bag with corsage. I haven’t worn any of my Lanvin x H&M stuff yet, because it has to be on a very, very special occasion!

4. More Magazines!

Who says print media is dead? I love holding a brand new magazine. I love the smell of a new magazine. I love the flicking-through-pages moment. As intrigued as I am with getting an iPad, I still believe in the enjoyment of reading a fashion magazine. I know I’m not the only one who collects fashion magazines and uses them as decorations. The Gentlewoman and Indsutrie are my new favorites from 2010. The Gentlewoman is about girl power (no, not in a cheesy romcom way) whilst Industrie is the ‘backstage access’ to the fashion culture.
I just hope these two magazines will still be there in 2011!

And happy new year to you!

Franks You Very Much!

I remember when I was in my first year at uni, we were told about this bookshop with all the fashion magazines AND fashion books you can think of. I then made the trip to that place after my 3rd year enrolment yesterday. Shame on me. I should’ve been to this place 2 years ago…. I had always had my Borders on Oxford Street with Starbucks on the 3rd floor where I can flick through any magazines I want with a tall Vanilla Frappuccino. Now that Borders isn’t there anymore, I suddenly remembered about that magical place my lecturer mentioned.

It’s named R.D Franks. It is indeed the “specialist fashion bookstore”. You’ll find the rare fashion magazines from down under, to that book on your Fashion Management reading list that is no longer available in the campus library as everyone has reserved them long before you even scan through the reading list. It even has a head-turning window display…





It’s currently displaying GQStyle. What a great way to promote your magazines! Love the concept of the shop. I know I should’ve gone home with loads of new exciting magazines, but going home with Lula was more than a broke girl could ask for.

The carrier bag is another story. It reminds me of the bags they use back in my home country from tailors. Sweet!



Anna Paquin for Nylon September

I can’t remember the last time I bought Nylon. I’ve always unconditionally loved the magazine until they start puttng ‘stars’ like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan on the covers.. I do judge a magazine by its cover. But I’ll definitely buy this September issue with Anna Paquin on the cover. I think she’s a great actress.. and of course I love True Blood! (Can’t believe I still have to wait until Sept 13 for the new episode!!)