Magic Artist

I’ve came across OCC Lip Tar before, but never had the guts to try it out. Then I saw the Primary Pack:



I think the idea is pretty brilliant. We can create our own colours from these primary colours. Would definitely love to try these out!

The artsy-fartsy feel takes me back to the SS14 Celine & Chanel runway.




Tom Ford makes beautiful things, again!

No man understands women like Tom Ford does. After the success with his Private Blend lipstick range (I’m guessing, with all the reviews), Tom Ford is finally launching his full cosmetics and skincare collection. Looking at the packaging, I think Tom Ford Beauty can definitely stand next to other high-end lines such as YSL and Chanel.

The ads are rather intriguing as well, featuring a Studio 54-look Lara Stone with yours truly, Mr. Ford himself.

For I Have Sinned..

I was planning to try out this Lipstick Queen brand at Space NK, but thanks to the friendly sales assistants and great atmosphere, I ended up leaving the shop with these…

Lipstick Queen’s Red Sinner turned out to be great – so I just had to get it. I really like the concept of this brand Lipstick Queen, I first read about it on Vogue UK. There’s this ‘Saint & Sinner’ collection in which Saint is the sheer one, and Sinner is the matte one. Being a matte type of gal, I naturally went for Sinners. I’ve also been looking for a lip liner, and I didn’t know that there’s such thing as ‘Invisible Lip Liner’ so I bought it immediately. It’s perfect, you can basically wear it with any lipstick color.

I was also persuaded to get the NARS ‘Velvet Matte Lip Pencil’ in this orange-ish red color. I just love the idea of applying lipstick with this chunky pencil. The sales assistant told me that it lasts for hours, even if you eat. And she was right, I still had my red lips after a cup of matcha latte. Oh, unfortunately the lip pencil does not come with the ruler… but how else would you keep your pencil sharp?

Chanel, animated.

Peter Phillips – the man behind Chanel make-up, is bringing the cosmetics to live. I’ve discovered about Peter Phillips only recently after I read a feature in Industrie magazine. He’s the one who made all women go bananas for the pastel green ‘Jade’ Chanel nail varnish (and looking at most blogs, the new Jade is Black Pearl). This video however, does not show the new ‘crazy’ colors. Instead, he used shades of red and pink. I guess it’s very clever of him, as the commercial(?) looks timeless.

MAC Wonder

Get your invisible jet ready this coming spring to go to your nearest MAC store! MAC is doing a collaboration with DC this time. I’ve always loved the idea of Wonder Woman since I was little. Yes, “the idea”. Because honestly, I never read the comics. I love the colors, the outfit… I guess it’s the whole ‘woman power’ thing, you know?

The MAC Wonder Woman line up looks so fun, I really don’t know what I’m gonna get. (I guess there’s no such thing as too many lipsticks, right?)