Mademoiselle C

Holy c!!! Found this on Fashion Copious. And I’m thrilled.


The trailer looks a bit tacky in my opinion, reminds me of Project Runway songs. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Project Runway very much but how the show edited is just plain tacky. The conversation between Donatella and Carine at the end feels so scripted. Maybe this will just be a French version of September Issue, but Carine is my hero and I’m just excited to see her story.


The holy book

I can’t remember the last time I got excited over a magazine. The last magazine I purchased was actually Vogue – and it was simply because I hadn’t read it for a while and Emma Stone was on the cover. It’s a bit…bland. Oh, I remember the days I subscribed to Bazaar and bought endless copies of Vogue. Then I started buying bi-annuals such as The Gentlewoman and Industrie (which I still always look for whenever I’m in Magma). Now we have another new comer, the brainchild of a not-so-new editor, THE CR FASHION BOOK.

It’s out this September. Now repeat after me, “I believe in Carine Roitfeld”